Benefits Of Employing Instant Drug Test Kits In Your Firm


Drug testing in the workplace has become commonplace these days. Many companies are adopting this measure to ensure that they keep their working environment free of drugs. The reason, why many companies are adopting this measure is so as to minimize the negative effects of drug abuse on staff performance and prevent the reduction in their revenues. Drug testing should be carried out regularly for both the incoming as well as the long-serving employees. These tests can be carried out in a variety of ways, with the rapid drug test being the easiest and most efficient to use. It’s carried out using either a 10 or 12 panel drug panel drug test kit. Below is a list of the merits of using instant drug test kits.

Capable of Testing for Multiple Drugs at Once

Instant drug test kits are capable of detecting between ten-to-twelve commonly abused drugs from a single sample. Other kits normally require a sample for each of the drugs one is being tested for. The drugs which can be easily picked up by the test kit include cocaine, Methadone, amphetamine opiates, among many other traces in the urine, blood or even saliva samples.  It’s also possible to detect various combinations of these drugs. Read more about drug testing at

It Saves Money

An instant drug test cost less than the other kits in the long  run. Even though they may be slightly expensive to buy at the start, they end up saving your company some money. This is true because they are capable of detecting a majority of the commonly abused drugs with a single test. For you to get the same performance with the other ordinary kits, you will need to get a few of them, making the process more costly.

It Saves Time

Companies usually regard time as very crucial in the accomplishing of its goals of maximizing profits. It is therefore necessary to avoid wastage of time on activities that have no monetary value to the firm. When using the 10 panel urine test kits, it’s possible to get the results a short while after feeding in the samples. The implication here is that employees will immediately resume their duties when they are through with the testing. Conversely, going to a laboratory would end up wasting precious time that could have been properly used.

It Has a High Success Rate

The kit has the capacity to provide results that are about 95 – 98 percent accurate. It is therefore not necessary to carry out repeat tests for confirmation, and this eliminates guesswork and approximation. It therefore means that you will be in a position to make informed decisions concerning your employees.